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We have been helping organizations throughout the World to manage their businesses with our unique approach to technology management and consultancy solutions.

  • An AGILE-powered business module.
  • We constantly research new industry methods to build up businesses.
  • A strong panel of industry experts who personally cater to every business needs.
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Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just getting started, Katharos Consultancy can help you to achieve your business goals.

One-stop Business Partner

We can build businesses from scratch and transform existing ones to new heights of success.

Cross-Domain Expertise

Our comprehensive team of multiple domain experts gives us an edge in providing solutions to different businesses.

Comprehensive Approach

We don’t have a 'one-size fits all' policy, which keeps us on our toes.

Effective Communication

We stay involved and responsive so clients can connect with us for end-to-end consultancy.

Transparent Execution

We optimize our client’s business by having a completely transparent approach.

Scalable Evolution

We always create a contingency plan and are ready for any eventuality.

We’re Delivering The Best Customer Experience!

Get insights to dig down into what's powering your growth the most.

why katharos

We help entrepreneurs in growing their businesses. This growth usually consists of some or all of the following services:

  • Business plan development
  • Financial forecast
  • Strategic Consultancy 
  • Project Management Consultancy 
  • Develop a strategy for business growth
  • Market research
  • Advisory services

Some of the markets we have served include E-commerce, Telecommunications, Consumer Products, Media and Entertainment, Software, and Networking. We also take pride in our ability to learn the fundamentals of any industry or technology quickly.

Every business needs a business plan. It is safe to say that most companies require more than one business plan: which helps to visualize the business idea and makes it easy to review the milestone.

Business planning is a time-consuming process. As a business owner, you can spend this time building your team, product, and distribution and growing your customer base. Hiring us as a business consultant will help you diversify your time handling these aspects of your business. We also offer third-party insights into your business.

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